Looking For a Game?
If there aren't any games listed, sorry: nobody's telling BattleWatch that their hosting a game (whether they are or not). If there ARE games listed, Whee!

Each entry contains information, the most important bit is the IP Address. If you know the player hosting, or you like the look of what the host wants to play with, TAKE A PEN AND WRITE DOWN THE ADDRESS.

The list does not refresh itself automatically. You'll need to hit the "REFRESH" link to do this.

What To Do with the Address
Here are the TFL steps.(M2 is almost identical, barring superficial differences.)
Select Multiplayer...
Select "Multiplayer Game"...

Other net, TCP Protocol...
Select "Other" and TCP/IP...

Enter the address!
Click 'Join by Address' and type!

If the game is receiving people, you're in!

Sometimes you may not join immediately. You can't join a game if:
  • The game is already in progress;
  • The hoster has finished playing;
  • The address has been firewalled (security lock);
  • You do not have the same third party map the hoster is currently using;
  • You've typed in the wrong address;
  • You are playing Myth: TFL and you're trying to join a Myth II game, or vice versa;
  • You haven't clicked the 'Join' button;
  • You're not connected to the Internet;
  • You don't have Myth: TFL or Myth II;
  • You don't have a computer;
  • You don't have electricity;
  • You are a danger to yourself and the world and should not be in the same room with anything sharper than a pumpkin.
If you're certain you have the correct maps, hit the join button every so often and hope the game opens soon.

Please consult your Myth: The Fallen Lords or Myth II: Soulblighter manuals for far more vague, incomplete information about network games.

Want to Host a Game?
Enter the information in the BattleWatch fields appropriately.

Name: Whatever chosen name or game "title" you wish to host under. Use your screen name somewhere in it if you are meeting people.

This IP: This is auto-detected for the connection you are on. You can enter a different IP address if you are posting for someone else or using a different connect to host from. Just make sure it's got all the numbers and decimals in the right places :)

If you get disconnected while hosting, you will probably have a new IP addy after you reconnect. Go back and delete your former post, using the old IP and Edit Key and re-post with the new info (you can use the same edit key if you want). More about editing & Edit Keys below.

Notes: Anything game-related you might wish to tell folks before they try to get into your game. For instance, if you are using a password, if you are only playing certain plug-ins or 3rd party maps, specific Game Start times, etc. Or it could be non-game related, if you choose. Anything, so long as it's not obscene, etc etc.

Retire In: Choose the closest approximate timeframe you plan to host. If you host longer than 2 hours, come back to BW later and edit your post or a new timeframe. Your post will automatically be deleted at the end of whatever timeframe you choose, in order to keep the board current. "Retire Now" is used to delete your entry.

Myth Version: Pick one so BW puts your game in the appropriate category.

Edit Key: Any password of your choosing, 3-8 characters in length. This key allows you to change anything about your post, to retire your post when you are done hosting, and to keep anyone else from changing your post without your knowledge. You CANNOT edit or retire a post without both the right IP address AND the edit key.

When you are done entering ALL of this info, click on the "Post" button, and this will post your game.

It would be very cool of folks to come back and Retire [delete] their posts if, for instance, they have put up a two hour game but they leave after only 30 minutes. Otherwise players are trying to get into a non-existent game, which sucks. Yeah, the game will auto-delete at the end of the 2 hours, but other players will be frustrated.

If you change game details, please edit your original post instead of creating a new one so folks don't have to pick and choose which might be the right one.

BattleWatch Floater
Link to current game postings for Myth: TFL and Myth2: Soulblighter. You can post game listings, edit then as your game progresses, or simply use the service to find games. For web admins who wish to use link to the service, simply use this code:

<script language="JavaScript" TYPE="TEXT/JAVASCRIPT">
<!-- Hide script from older browsers
function battleWatch(tfl) {
leftPos = screen.width-300
topPos = 40
wars = window.open(tfl,'fighters','resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,width=279,height=400,left='+leftPos+',top='+topPos)
// stop hiding script -->

Use this for the link:

<a href="javascript:battleWatch('http://bw.projectmagma.net/bw.php')">BattleWatch</a>